Admission Criteria

Children, adolescents, and adults may receive services through Community Skills Program®. An individualized program plan is developed for each person served, based on his/her specific needs. To be considered for Community Skills Program, an individual must:

  •    ●   be six years of age or older
  •    ●   be medically stable
  •    ●   have functional mobility skills, with or without assistive devices
  •    ●   not be physically assaultive or abusive
  •    ●   not be abusing drugs and/or alcohol to the extent that he/she would be unable to benefit from services
  •    ●   be willing to participate on a regularly scheduled basis in Community Skills Program

Admissions Procedure

Community Skills Program® offers services to persons throughout New Jersey and in south central and eastern Pennsylvania. Although referrals to Community Skills Program are typically initiated by medical practitioners (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, therapists, etc.), insurance representatives or case managers, anyone can make a referral. For information on Community Skills Program in New Jersey or Pennsylvania or to make a referral, please call Sally Kneipp, Ph.D., Director, at (610) 376-3380, fax her at (610) 376-3392, or e-mail her at