Recognizing that every person is a unique individual with specific needs, an individualized and personalized program plan is developed for each person served.  He or she may receive some or all of the following:

    •    ●   Assistive Community Integration

    •    ●   Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

    •    ●   Individual Counseling

    •    ●   Group Counseling/Activities

    •    ●   Family Education and Involvement

    •    ●   Mobility Training

    •    ●   Instruction in Independent Living Skills

    •    ●   Music Therapy

    •    ●   Social Skills Training

    •    ●   Socialization/Leisure Time Activities

    •    ●   Tutoring/Remedial Education

    •    ●   Vocational/Psychological Testing

    •    ●   Job Shadowing

    •    ●   Community-Based Work Assessments

    •    ●   Work-Based Learning Experiences

    •    ●   Job Development/Placement and Job Coaching

         ●   Follow-up/Follow-along

    •    ●   Case Management

The effectiveness of services is measured by consumer satisfaction, the quality of life of the person served, and functional outcomes. 

The Staff

Because of the diverse and complex needs of the persons we serve, our staff is selected from a variety of disciplines, including neuropsychology, psychology, counseling, occupational therapy, social work, special education, music therapy, therapeutic recreation, vocational evaluation and vocational rehabilitation.  Staff members receive clinical supervision from licensed psychologists with a specialty in neuropsychology.  Consultation is also provided by other specialists on an as-needed basis. 

The director of the Program, Sally Kneipp, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor and licensed/certified rehabilitation counselor.  She is a Past Chair of the Brain Injury - Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and has served in the past on the board of the state brain injury association in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania.  Under her leadership, program coordinators oversee the day-to-day operations of Community Skills Program in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Please see Admission Procedures for contact information (click here).