Our Services

The first step is a comprehensive pre-admission evaluation/assessment.  Then, recognizing that every person is a unique individual with specific needs, a person-centered rehabilitation service plan is developed.  The person may receive some or all of the following services:

    •    ●   Assistive community integration

    •    ●   Cognitive rehabilitation therapy

    •    ●   Individual counseling

    •    ●   Group counseling/activities

    •    ●   Family education and involvement

    •    ●   Life skills training

    •    ●   Social skills training

    •    ●   Socialization/leisure time activities

    •    ●   Transportation training

    •    ●   Tutoring/remedial education

    •    ●   Vocational/psychological testing

    •    ●   Job shadowing

    •    ●   Community-based work assessments

    •    ●   Work-based learning experiences

    •    ●   Job development/placement and job coaching

         ●   Follow-up/follow-along

    •    ●   Case management

The effectiveness of our services is measured by consumer satisfaction, the individual's functional outcomes, and quality of life of the individual and his/her family members or significant other. 

Our Staff

Because of the diverse needs of the persons we serve, the staff of Community Skills Program are selected from a variety of human service and allied health disciplines; they use a transdisciplinary, person-centered approach when assisting our clients to achieve their goals.  Although most of our services are provided in the homes and communities of our clients, the services are rehabilitation-focused and goal-oriented.  A rehabilitation service plan is developed for each individual and typically includes cognitive rehabilitation therapy and community integration.  Most of our neurorehabilitation specialists have a master's degree in a discipline relevant to the individual's needs; a minimum of a bachelor's degree is required.  The neurorehabilitation specialists are certified brain injury specialists and, in Pennsylvania, most are certified employment support professionals as well. 

The director of the program, Sally Kneipp, Ph.D., CRC, is a licensed psychologist and certified rehabilitation counselor.  In addition, she is a licensed professional counselor and licensed rehabilitation counselor in New Jersey.  Please see Admission Procedures for contact information (click here).